6 Signs Your Swimmer Should NOT be Wearing a Technical Suit

tech suit lighteningThere is always grand debate over who should wear technical suits and when.  In fact several LSCs in USA Swimming have banned technical suits for certain age groups all together.  As of the date of this post the LSC my kids are involved with has not put any such bans in place, so I’ve seen all kinds of crazy things with kids wearing these suits.  So below is a list of what you’d think would be no brainer  situations where your kid should NOT be wearing a technical suit.  Believe it or not, I’ve seen people do all of these things…most more than once!

1. The meet your swimmer is at has the word “dual” in its name next to the word meet.
Remember these suits should be reserved for only a few of your most important meets…dual meets typically do not fit the bill.

2. If your swimmer does not consistently do flip turns when swimming freestyle and backstroke.
These suits help shave time for swimmers who already have good technique, if your kid either can’t do a flip turn, or can’t consistently remember to do a flip turn….the suit isn’t what’s slowing them down.

3. If your swimmer doesn’t go in head first off the blocks.
Again…the suit is not the problem here!

4.  Your suit is not properly sized.
These suits are made to be tight, really really tight, that is the whole point. If your suit has wrinkles in it after it is on, that means it is way too big and will actually do more harm than good.  These suits can actually fill up with water while you swim if they are too big, which is not a recipe for fast swimming!

5. It is the first meet of the season.
Again you are supposed to save these for the most important meets of the year….wearing it at the first competition is not really SAVING it.

6. You bought the suit second hand.
These suits only have a few wearings in them before they become no better (or even worse) than a regular competition suit.  I’ve seen it too many times where people will sell their worn out tech suits to unsuspecting newbie parents.  Unless you are absolutely sure the suit hasn’t been worn more than once or twice by a swimmer of very similar body build and size to yours, save your money.  You’d be better off spending the money on a lower end new tech suit.  Some things just aren’t meant to be bought garage sale style.

Want more info on when, where, and how tech suits should actually be used?  Check out my article on Technical Suits.
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