Signs You Might Be A Swim Parent

1. Your car is less than 4 years old but the odometer is already inching toward 200,000 miles.

2. You find yourself looking forward to Monday, because after a weekend of non-stop swim meets, work seems relaxing.

3. You have more swim suits than clean towels hanging in your bathroom.

4. You just read #3 and thought…”They have clean towels?!!”


5.You’ve accepted, “I’m on taper” as a legitimate excuse for your child to not do a chore.

6. You always have spare goggles in your purse or glove box.

7. You won’t shell out the outrageous $2 for a slice of pizza at the concession stand, but you brag about the great deal you got on your swimmer’s tech suit because it was under $300.


8. You’re secretly a little awe struck when you finally meet the swimmer behind the name on the score board who always beats your kid, though you thought he’d be bigger.


9. The Summer Olympics are like a week long Superbowl in your house, and yes, you yelled at the TV at least once.

olympic fan

10. You just spent $200 on groceries, and it only lasted a weekend.

11. You see absolutely nothing wrong with carrying camping chairs , cooler, and several giant bags into a building and making yourself comfortable.

12. You have trouble recognizing any of your kid’s friends when their hair is dry.

13. You know how to cook for and serve spaghetti to an entire team of hungry swimmers in your home.

spaghetti dinner

14. You and your kids get up earlier in the summer than you do during the school year.

15. You think it is perfectly normal for your son to bleach his hair then later shave it all off on an annual basis.

17. You no longer refer to seasons as Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall…now your year is divided into…Long Course, Short Course, and High School seasons.

19. You can pick your kid out of a warm-up pool with over 300 similarly suited swimmers, without ever seeing their face.


20. You’ve driven hours, left the state, and rented a hotel room to watch your kid swim one race that took less than 60 seconds.

22. The majority of t-shirts in your closet have some sort of swim team logo on them.

23. You’ve watched so many practices you think you’re an expert at every stroke, but if you get in the pool the first lap of your IM looks like this…


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