10 Signs You’ve Been at a Swim Meet Too Long

1. You’ve eaten 3 meals from the concession stand.  Fortunately most do serve plenty of options from all the major food groups:  donuts, pizza, hot dogs, and popcorn.

concession stand

2. You’ve officially logged more hours of sleep at the meet then you did in your bed last night.

3. You walk out of the building with no coat on, not realizing a foot of snow has fallen since the last time you saw the outdoors.

4. You know all the gory details of another team’s gossip because the drama queen two rows ahead of you won’t stop talking about it.  Much like when you stumble upon a Mexican Soap opera at 1:00 am you don’t really know whats going on, but you’re just bored enough that you can’t help but watch.

5. You’ve formed a preference for a certain bathroom stall, and you can explain why.

6. You know the entire life story of the Chatty Kathy sitting next to you, and you’re actually starting to find it interesting.

7. You’ve finished the book you brought, your phone’s dead, your grocery list is written out, you’ve caught up with and chatted with all your swim parent friends…you’ve officially run out of stuff to do… and just when you think it’s almost time to leave, your swimmer runs over to give you some “exciting news”….

8. You’ve browsed through the vendor shop so many times that the salesman starts to talk you into some crazy things…hope grandpa likes his Speedo!

9. You got there so early and left so late that you never saw the sun.

10. You’re sitting in the stands, waiting patiently for your kid to swim…your attention starts to waiver as the 14th heat of the 50 free takes the block, and you you begin to stare blindly at the pool.  Next thing you know your daze broken by the fact you just saw your swimmer climb out of their lane having already swum the race you waited 4 hours for yet failed to actually watch…oops!

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