25 Things Non Swim Parents …Just Don’t Understand

Swim parents are a special group of people who face unique challenges that only they can fully understand and appreciate.  It takes a hearty soul to endure these struggles!

      1. Trying to decide what to wear to a meet when you know you have to drive 2 hours through a blizzard, only to then sit in stands that are 90 degrees with 100% humidity for the rest of the day.

        Its only cold the first 20 minutes of the drive.

          1. What you want to do when your swimmer finally out touches that bratty kid who always wins…

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        1. What you actually do.
      2. Realizing that for some moms the High School cafeteria and swim meet bleachers are not so different.
      3. That moment of sheer panic when your kid’s event is up but you don’t see him behind the blocks.
        Oh...ok he was behind the tall kid!
      4. Having $20 in your pocket at a meet and realizing you’re not going to get to eat lunch today because your swimmer has uttered those dreaded words…”my goggles just broke”.
        Eat is over rated anyway
      5. Sitting near that parent in the stands who is talking  about your swimmer, but doesn’t know you’re his dad.
        You don't say?...
      6. Staring at the scoreboard clock because you are too nervous to look at the pool during the finish of your kid’s big swim.
        Why is the clock moving so fast?!
      7. Seeing your grocery bill sky rocket when your swimmers are in season because they never. stop. eating.
        Pass the pasta...
      8. Packing more stuff to take to your swim meets than you did to your last camping trip.
        "Mom, I forgot my suit..."
      9. Complimenting your swimmer on her race…only to get a 20 minute lecture about how bad it was. 
        Who knew dropping 0.5 secs = failure?
      10. Promising your kid the latest Tech Suit if they qualify for the big meet…then realizing how much it costs only after they make the cut.Is it a magical suit made by unicorns and fairies?

    1. Feeding dozens of hungry swimmers who have invaded your home because it’s your turn to host the pre-meet pasta dinner.
      Salad is for suckers
    2. Those mixed emotions…wanting to see your swimmer do well, but secretly kinda hoping they don’t make finals so you don’t have to spend an extra 8 hours at the pool.
      Does a happy dance anyway when their kid is announced for A finals
    3.  Planning all of your family vacations around the locations of the travel meets your swimmer is hoping to get cuts for.When's the meet in Vegas?
    4. Being on a first name basis with all of the swim shop vendors at the meets you go to.
      Don't worry, we can put it on your tab.
    5. Keeping a straight face when your swimmer explains how they will always be able to…Let's talk in 20 yrs
    6. Explaining to Grandma why you are never available on the weekends to visit.

      Yes mom..they can swim in December!
    7.  That moment when you see that there are 12 heats of the 500 before your kid’s 50 free.
      If you have to do math..its too many damn laps!
    8. The constant battle for the non-swimmers of the house to find a bath towel that doesn’t smell like chlorine.
      Dang pool rats have me surrounded!
    9. Being informed your swimmer’s team suit is missing 5 minutes before you are supposed to leave for the meet.  Of course finding a Speedo in a boy’s room is like trying to…well you know the rest.
      Found it in bottom of swim bag!
    10. Paying to get into a meet then realizing you’ll never get to see it…
      Wait til you see the lines at the ladies room!
    11. That wet dog smell in your car when swim bags and towels are left behind.
      Science called, they want their experiments back

    12. Watching your swimmer eat between events and wondering how they don’t drown.


  • Not recognizing any of your kid’s friends when they are dry and dressed in normal clothes.
    Seriously, who are you people?
  • That moment you are sitting in the stands looking for your kid’s name in the heat sheet..when you begin to suspect your 16 year old may have given you the wrong info…as his event is on Sunday… and today is Friday!
    Then feeling great pride in the fact that you did not do this during the hour long car ride home…
    (Ok, this one might just be my family)

    True story
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